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A "Pay As You Go" Prospect & Lead Generator for Startups

Email marketing & cold emails can be one of the most effective tactics in the b2b space when it's done right. FunnelFiller learns about your company, preferences and goals -- we do our homework, ask questions, and dive deep in analytics to find exactly who you need to talk to. Then we'll generate customized contact lists in real time for your sales funnel.

We populate a password protected dashboard where you can see your prospects being added in real time (get excited: it's now mobile friendly!). Increase, decrease, or pause your account at any time and only pay for successful contacts.

No minimum commitment or contract required.

To take it a step further, we'll optimize your outbound email process, send custom drip email campaigns, and deliver monthly reporting to make the process smarter over time.

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Get Qualified Sales Contacts

We go the extra mile to intelligently identify exactly what makes a qualified lead for you. If you're just starting and you're not sure what you need, just chat with us! We offer free consulting advice in our chat window.


Enjoy the flexibility of easily controlling your spend. You can fill your funnel entirely with us, or simply give some extra "oomph" to your sales team and supplement your sales funnel. No minimums, and you won't pay for bounces or failed deliveries!

Get Contacts in Realtime

Within a week, we'll share your dashboard with you and you'll start to see us populate your custom prospect list with company information, names, personal email addresses, and more from real qualified prospects.

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Smarter prospecting = more sales

Startup Growth Hacking & Sales Funnel Filling

You've worked hard to create your products & services. Now you need to get in contact with the decision makers who will appreciate them, too! We'll find contacts that are uniquely qualified to convert using business intelligence & triggers. We'll fill your sales funnel with these qualified prospects, then you & your team do what you do best! (Or we can contact them for you, too!)

custom Cold email leads lists for sales

Totally custom, pay-as-you-go prospects & lead gen

No pre-made lists, and no contracts. We make it our business to understand exactly who you want to contact, what you're selling, and who you want to sell it to, so we can be effective at any budget. We scour the web to find qualified & verified contact info for real people & decision makers. With our unique pay-as-you-go model, you'll be able to fill your list with as many or as few verified contacts as you need, and can see us populating your contact lists in real time.

we'll even send the emails for you

Want Custom Drip Campaigns, too?

FunnelFiller is dedicated to making b2b startup life easier with flexible prospect and lead generation. We'll go the extra mile and optimize your email campaigns & subject lines, send custom & personalized cold email campaigns, and deliver reporting & recommendations every month. All this for just an extra $1 per contact.

Lead generation for startups

B2B life made easy

We can take as much or as little of the outreach process off your shoulders. We will work with you, your budget & goals to craft the perfect sales process. From intelligent prospecting to crafting the perfect drip campaign, sending it all to your optimized contact list all from your own domain: Your sales team can finally focus on simply selling.

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