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What is the FunnelFiller?

The FunnelFiller is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: A thing that helps you fill your sales funnel. The biggest difference between us and other services is that we go above and beyond to make sure we're filling your funnel with qualified and verified leads.

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How do we fill your sales funnel?

Let us learn about what you need

Let's Chat.

You know your business better than anyone, which is why we personally learn about your company, products, services, current clients, and current sales funnel. We'll hop on the phone and conduct a thorough consultation, and help you figure out some of the question marks you might have as a start up. What can we say -- we just really love helping! 

then we'll start looking for it

Research Research Research.

From there, we'll do some research... and by "some," I mean "a lot." Our biggest goal is putting qualified leads into your sales funnel, that way you'll  get a higher conversion rate and grow your business faster. So, in this stage we'll identify who exactly needs to be in your funnel.

Qualified contacts for your sales funnel

Fill that funnel with yummy contacts

After about a week (at most), we'll start adding contacts into a shared, password protected spreadsheet so you can use the contacts immediately instead of waiting for a month while we gather them. These will be unique, hand-picked contacts selected specifically for your business. You're not getting a pre-made list, you're getting an extra sales person who is dedicated & excited to help grow your business.

Want more?

Add email campaigns for +$1

We can also take the entire outreach process off your hands. We'll do an extra round of consulting, help draft an email campaign with personalization for each contact, send the emails, and give you reporting every month. This truly lets your sales people focus on the hard part of selling, rather than lead generation.


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