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First, what is is a b2b sales, prospecting, and lead gen company that uses data, triggers, and custom & personalized drip campaigns to target highly qualified prospects.

We don’t sell pre-made lists. We design customized lists every month based on triggers that make for uniquely qualified leads & prospects for your specific company and products. We’re here to help startups, so there are no minimum number of contacts you have to buy, there are no hoops to jump through to pause our prospecting, we replace anything that bounces for free, and we go the extra mile to customize and send cold email campaigns and follow-ups that are highly personalized for your ideal customer.

In other words, we’re good people armed with a lot of sales-knowledge that want to help you grow your business & enable salespeople to sell, rather than prospect.

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There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to business. You’re not buying a pre-made list from Every month you’ll be given customized contact lists, and you can see in real time someone inputting contact information for you, specifically. Every decision you’ve made makes your brand and company unique, and therefore begs for a unique approach. So, if you’re not even sure what you need or who your customer is, we’re available via chat on our site basically as a free consulting tool.

Ask us anything.  We want to help you figure it out.

Here’s TL;DR version of how & why we got started

Hey there. I’m Jodie, the founder of If you’re not into reading, here’s the short reason why we got started which actually comes from our friends over at HubSpot and their 2018 marketing survey:

“Sales is always focused on closing more, but prospecting is getting harder and harder. Salespeople say they source the most leads themselves, showing a potential rift between marketing, who should generate the most leads for sales teams to work.

Additionally, 27% of salespeople are spending over an hour a day on data entry work instead of selling, meaning critical time is lost to administrative work

Basically, sales should be focused on closing. Not prospecting and lead gen which can be SUPER tedious and take up precious hours that could be used to actually *close* accounts. Turns out I already created a really great solution for this for myself, and since sharing is caring, now I'm giving it to you!

Cheers, here's to making sales easier

But for those who want to get to know on a deeper level started because I own a B2B startup, and I did everything in my power to streamline & automate the process so I could focus on the harder parts of sales (aka converting leads and pushing them through the pipeline) as well as keep my current customers happy.

I brought in a quarter of a million dollars in our first year of business almost entirely through cold email campaigns and continued generating great open rates (on average: 40%) & reply rates ever since. Once I realized how valuable this automation would be across various B2B industries and how startups across the board struggled to find the time and resources to do outbound sales effectively, I decided to offer my knowledge of cold sales emails and automation to everyone else.

The longer version of the story is that I love making an impact & helping

I truly love startup life.Every little thing matters in startups, and being able to create sustainable scalability in an efficient and cost effective way. In a more romanticized sense: what I really like is making a difference in individual people’s lives, and since the people involved in startups feel that impact more directly & immediately, it just kind of warms my soul a little knowing I helped someone take another step closer to their goals and a better life.

But in a more business-y sense: small businesses & startups are where I truly excel because I love problem solving and finding creative, cost effective & efficient solutions within the marketing and technology space that have a real and immediate impact on a company’s bottom line and efficiencies. I’m results oriented, so if I don’t see an impact, I’ll basically obsess over it until I find it.

So, given that I’ve seen the struggles in the B2B world first hand, I realized that maybe this is my calling in life: to help. Truly that’s why I created I saw a need, I saw people struggling, and I saw that I already had the solution. On top of that, I even use my automations for free for charity efforts and worthy causes to help those in need ask for funding.

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Unique & Nerdy

So what makes so special?

Trust me, I know that there are plenty of prospecting companies out there. There are also plenty of lead gen companies out there. But here’s the thing:

there very few companies that do both prospecting and lead gen with data science, and the attention to detail that makes those services truly effective & efficient. Plus, I’m very hands-on with everything that comes out of, mostly because I’m mildly a control freak, but there’s pros and cons to that… Let’s just focus on the pros, shall we?

On top of that, there are even fewer companies that are committed to quality AND do both of those services at the same time. If you want that, it’s basically assumed that you’re hiring a salesperson. First of all, that should NOT be a sales person’s job; they should focus on CONVERTING leads, not finding them. Secondly, that’s a massive financial commitment to even just find the right person, and hiring them usually also involves commission on top of a salary and even requires you to do a plethora of other things, like offer insurance, increase office space, buy new technology or subscriptions to accommodate a sales process like a CRM, email addresses, conferencing systems, etc. 💸

So maybe you should make the most of those awesome sales people you already have by optimizing your sales funnel, or maximizing your own time & profitability by enabling everyone to work on *closing* leads, rather than the tedious and time consuming tasks like prospecting and cold emailing and follow ups. We’ll happily take care of those so you can actually make money.

Why works

First, we're not robots and you're not buying a pre-made list -- is 50% automation and 50% human effort.

Second, is priced for startups and has the flexibility you need to keep your sales process going. With no minimums, a pay-as-you-go model, and the ability to press pause as those oh-so-fun startup growing pains arise, we’re here as a partner that’s invested in your business, not a burden. It’s only $1 per contact, or $2 for contacts+cold email campaigns.

We’ll analyze and share data with you for your specific cold email campaigns, and actually take the time to interpret and act on it.

Plus, I’ll personally go the extra mile to help you figure out your startup and crack the nut of outbound sales specifically for you and your business, even if you’ve never done it before.

How works / Getting Started

To get started, use the chat feature, fill out the contact form, or heck, even text me: (412)-357-8713.

Then, we’ll get to know you and your products, we’ll give you a sample of contacts for a $5 deposit. If you’re interested in having us develop the cold email drip campaigns, we’ll then send over custom email drafts that we’ll work on together (gmail required). Warning: we lean toward the more edgy side of sales -- but we’re also flexible, which is why we work on it together.

After that, you simply set your max number of contacts for us to find, and we’ll start churning them out with your own personalized dashboard on our site where you can check your contacts, and see what leads came in on the regular.

Fun right?

Curious about how can help you? Chat us, leave a comment or email us! And if you’re convinced this is the solution for you, just follow the steps above and we'll be BFFs before you know it.

Charities, 501c3’s and worthy causes in need, please contact us as well! We'll contact businesses for you fo' free!

So, let's do this!

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