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Who Are We? is a B2B prospecting & lead generation company aimed at small businesses or startups for $1 per personalized contact which are delivered in real time, and pay-as-you-go. For $2 per contract, we go the extra mile and consult to design and deliver highly effective drip campaigns and reporting to essentially fill your sales funnel so sales teams can actually work on selling rather than lead gen or prospecting. We not only care deeply about the quality of our work and keeping our clients ecstatic about working with us, but we also care about making this a truly enjoyable "place" to work!

A little nerdy, a lot of fun

We're looking for...

We're currently looking for reliable account managers to work remotely. Account managers need to be extremely detail oriented, great teachers, and great with people. This job will require remote management of subordinates from around the world, and a fundamental understanding of the internal hierarchy typically found in enterprise & start-up businesses.

Remote problem solver smartypants

What we need...

Ideally someone with...
• Strong (and creative) problem solving abilities with a calm, cool, and collected, "can-do" attitude
• Fundamental understanding of LinkedIn & other social media platforms.
• Strong understanding of Google Apps (Google, Inbox/Gmail, Google docs, Google sheets, etc + Google Hangouts)
• Strong computer skills in general
• Strong writing skills

Skills that are a plus, but aren't required...
• Bi/Multi-lingal
• Previous B2B marketing experience, or corporate experience
• Experience Managing or instructing peers / subordinates

if you're competent, you're great

We're Flexible!

This is a great opportunity for those looking for a side-hustle, or a very flexible work from home opportunity. There are no required minimum or maximum number hours nor are there set "work hours" aside from mandatory meetings which you can virtually connect to if necessary. You simply have to be smart, speedy, understand project requirements, spreadsheets, and people.

This is a contracted position, so benefits are not currently offered, but with flexible hours and the ability to be remote, you're more than welcome to use this as a side job for extra cashflow. Pay is project-based and (if selected), applicants will have the ability to accept or deny projects as they please. In other words, we need a lot of people to choose from, so if you're interested at all: please apply!


Ready to Apply?

Did we just become best friends?! Not yet -- there's still one more step! To apply, simply write up a cover letter of why you'd be an awesome addition to our team, or why you're really excited about this opportunity or FunnelFiller as a whole. Make sure to include a resume if you have one! 

Applicants can apply by emailing the founder directly:

We're really excited to expand our team & hear from you! Thanks for applying!

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